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Zoning Ordinance - Part A - Table of Contents
Basic Provisions
Art. 1 Basic Provisions
Art. 2 Zoning Districts Established
Art. 3 Zoning District Intent, Permitted Uses, and Standards
Art. 4 Corridor Development Overlay District
Art. 5 Zoning Map
Art. 6.1-6.7 Development Standards yard, height, accessory use, buffer yard
Art. 6.8-6.12 Performance Standards environmental, flood hazard area, parking, loading
Art. 6.13-6.20 Drive Standards, sight visibility, open space, home occupation, adult, telecommunication, farm animal, manufactured/mobile home
Art. 6.21-6.26 Recreational Vehicle Park public improvements, satellite dish, temp. use, fence, landscaping
6.27-Large Scale Retail Facility Standards, seasonal housing
Art. 7 Sign Standards
Art. 8 Site Development Plans
Art. 9 Planned Unit Developments
Art. 10 Nonconforming Structures, Lots, and Uses
Art. 11 Board of Zoning Appeals
Art. 12 Administration
Art. 13 Processes, Permits, and Fees
Art. 14 Enforcement and Penalties
Subdivision Control Ordinance - Part B - Table of Contents
Art. 1 Basic Provision
Art. 2 Administration
Sub Cont Art 3
Art. 4 Major Subdivision Plats
Art. 5 Subdivision Surety
Art. 6 Major Subdivision Principles and Standards of Design
Art. 7 Major Subdivision Construction Standards
Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance - Part C (Intentionally Left Blank)
Private Well and Water System Standards Ordinance - Part D - (Intentionally Left Blank)
Building Code Ordinance - Part E


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