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Basic Provisions
Zoning Ordinance - Part A - Table of Contents
Art. 1 Basic Provisions
Art. 2 Zoning Districts Established
Art. 3 Zoning District Intent, Permitted Uses, and Standards
Art. 4 Corridor Development Overlay District
Art. 5 Zoning Map
Art. 6.1-6.7 Development Standards yard, height, accessory use, buffer yard
Art. 6.8-6.12 Performance Standards environmental, flood hazard area, parking, loading
Art. 6.13-6.20 Drive Standards, sight visibility, open space, home occupation, adult, telecommunication, farm animal, manufactured/mobile home
Art. 6.21-6.26 Recreational Vehicle Park public improvements, satellite dish, temp. use, fence, landscaping
6.27-Large Scale Retail Facility Standards, seasonal housing
Art. 7 Sign Standards
Art. 8 Site Development Plans
Art. 9 Planned Unit Developments
Art. 10 Nonconforming Structures, Lots, and Uses
Art. 11 Board of Zoning Appeals
Art. 12 Administration
Art. 13 Processes, Permits, and Fees
Art. 14 Enforcement and Penalties
Subdivision Control Ordinance - Part B - Table of Contents
Art. 1 Basic Provision
Art. 2 Administration
Sub Cont Art 3
Art. 4 Major Subdivision Plats
Art. 5 Subdivision Surety
Art. 6 Major Subdivision Principles and Standards of Design
Art. 7 Major Subdivision Construction Standards
Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance - Part C (Intentionally Left Blank)
Private Well and Water System Standards Ordinance - Part D - (Intentionally Left Blank)
Building Code Ordinance - Part E
      Comprehensive Plan      
Section A - Chapter 1
Section A - Chapter 2
Section A - Chapter 3
Section A - Chapter 4
Section B - Chapter 1
Section C - Chapter 1
Section D - Chapter 1
Section E - Chapter 1
Appendix A: Definitions
Appendix B: Index
Madison County: A Geographical Overview
Madison County Population Density (1998)
Madison County Population Change (1960-1996)
Central District for Indiana Agricultural Statistics
Madison County Development Clusters
Unincorporated Madison County Residential Density (1998)
Unincorporated Madison County Housing Starts (1990-1998)
Unincorporated Madison County Historical Structure Inventory
Madison County Soil Associations
Madison County Hydrology
Madison County Transportation Areas of Concern
Madison County Development Influences
Madison County 2000 Thoroughfare Plan
2000 Anderson Area Transportation Study
Long Range Plan Update
Proposed Projects
Transportation Improvement Program
Madison County Land Use
Madison County Land Use Development Patterns
Dollars Invested in Unincorporated Madison County (1990-1998)
Madison County Residential Development (1990-1998)
Madison County Land Use Concept
South Townships
West Central Townships
East Central Townships
North Central Townships
North Townships
      Board of Zoning Appeals      
          Meeting Schedule 2010 Board Members
Rules & Procedures
      Plan Commission      
          Meeting Schedule 2009
Meeting Schedule 2010

Agendas & Minutes
Board Members
Rules & Procedures
      Plat Review      
          Meeting Schedule 2010
Board Members
Plat Review Agendas & Minutes
      Complaint Form      

Consent Form
Instructions For Permit Application
Permit Application
PUD Concept Plan Approval Application
PUD Detail Plan Approval Application
Vacation of Plat Application
Instructions for MCPC filings
Instructions for BZA filings
Preliminary Final and Replat Application
BZA Special Use and Variance Application
MCPC Rezone Waiver and Appeal Application
Detailed Development Plan / Site Plan / Construction Plan Application

      Tech Review      
          Tech Review Calendar 2010
Tech Committee
    Purdue Extension          
    Recorder's Office          

Map and Directions
Document Types
Fee Schedule
Redaction Notice
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
About the Office

    Sheriff's Department          
      Regulated Drain Map      
      Regulated Drain Hearings      
      Surveyor's Office Employees      
      Frequently Asked Questions      
      Drainage Glossary      
      Section Corner Monuments      

Township 17 North, Range 6 East
Township 17 North, Range 7 East
Township 17 North, Range 8 East
Township 18 North, Range 6 East
Township 18 North, Range 7 East
Township 18 North, Range 8 East
Township 19 North, Range 6 East
Township 19 North, Range 7 East
Township 19 North, Range 8 East    
Township 20 North, Range 6 East
Township 20 North, Range 7 East
Township 20 North, Range 8 East
Township 21 North, Range 6 East
Township 21 North, Range 7 East
Township 21 North, Range 8 East
Township 22 North, Range 6 East
Township 22 North, Range 7 East
Township 22 North, Range 8 East



      Madison County GPS Control Network      
      Madison County Original Survey Field Notes      
      Madison County Storm Water Quality Partnership      
      Madison County USGS Quad Maps      
      Madison County Wetland Inventory Maps      
      County Surveyor Documents for Download      
      Regulated Drain Surveys      

Private Survey Companies

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Madison County Sheriff
Madison County Indiana Emergency Management
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Council of Governments
Visitors & Convention Bureau
State of Indiana
City of Alexandria
City of Anderson
Town of Chesterfield
Town of Edgewood
City of Elwood
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Madison County Cemetery Commision
The Indiana Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

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