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In early 1997, a topography survey was prepared for the George Kirk Regulated Drain from the drains intersection with County Road 600 North to its outlet into Indian Creek, which is north of County Road 500 North and east of County Road 400 West.  The survey was one of two topography surveys prepared by the use of Surveyor's Office staff during the 1990's.  This particular survey was prepared by Lowell Pitser, L.S., who was a Madison County Surveyor's Office employee at the time.  The purpose of the survey was to assist in the design of a surface drain between the aforementioned points.  A Professional Engineer was not hired and the surface drain was not constructed.

         In early 2007, Doug Drake at a regular scheduled Drainage Board Meeting asked that Surveyor Newman inspect the intersection of County Road 600 North and County Road 100 West.  Being involved with the 1997 survey and having worked in the Surveyor's Office from November 1988 to September 1999, Surveyor Newman was well aware of the flooding that has taken place at that intersection for a number of years.  The George Kirk Regulated Drain was added to the Madison County Drainage Report on January 25, 2006 with the anticipation of completing the efforts made in 1997.  Mr. Drake's request expedited the Surveyor's Office plans for this drain.

         Also, in early 2007, it was brought to the Surveyor's Office attention that a surface drain had already been cut along the George Kirk Regulated Tile Drain.  This work was conducted without the Surveyor's Office knowledge or permission.  However, the work conducted is within the scope of the plans that the Surveyor's Office has for this particular regulated drain. 

        Since the survey in 1997 obtained data to County Road 600 North, the only additional data that was necessary was from the 1997 surveys ending point on County Road 600 North to the intersection of County Road 600 North and County Road 100 West.  On April 24, 2007, the additional survey was completed by the Surveyor's Office survey field crew.  In mid-June 2007, the 1997 survey and the 2007 survey was delivered to John Dorow, P.E. for the purpose of designing a surface drain that will allow the intersection of County Road 600 North and County Road 100 West to drain.  The plans are expected to be delivered to the Surveyor's Office no later than October 2007.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, work is scheduled to begin late 2007 - early 2008.








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