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On April 6, 2006, the Madison County Surveyor's Office began preparing a topography survey for an area that included several subdivisions along Main Street, County Road 500 South east and west of Main Street, the C.C. Williams Regulated Drain south of County Road 500 South, and the Ballard-Norris Regulated Drain south of Norris Drive.  The subdivisions included in this survey are Village Colony, Ballard's 1st and 2nd Addition, Norris Heights, and portions of Fall Creek Heights and Shock Addition.  The topography survey was completed on September 15, 2006. 

        The Surveyor's Office had anticipated conducting the drafting work in-house, however, multiple projects and unforeseen circumstances made this an impossible task in a realistic time-frame.  Surveyor Newman relinquished the drafting duties to Precise Land Surveying in early May 2007.  Upon completion of the drafting work, this project will be turned over to a Professional Engineer.  It is the Surveyor's Office expectations that this will happen in mid-July, 2007.  Expectations are for a preliminary report to be received no later than late October 2007. 

        Major flooding has been reported in Village Colony, Ballard's 1st Addition, and along the north and south sides of County Road 500 South between Main Street and Madison Avenue (County Road 100 West).  Also, standing water has been reported in Norris Heights Addition and currently, in Shock Addition.  Shock Addition experienced major flooding in the past, but after the series of retention ponds constructed for the new Church of God Facility, flooding has considerably diminished in Shock Addition. 

        The Surveyor's Office will require the Professional Engineer involved with the project to look at multiple solutions for this area.  The Engineer's Report will be available for public review once received by the Surveyor's Office. 







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